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It's always those small details, is it not? Often, after collecting for a long time, one can pass by seas and seas of pops and not even bat an eye. A giant wall of Pops and not one phases you. Sometimes an exclusive will release or a new wave of commons will be announced and there might be that obscure character you've always dreamed of or some hit variant of a character that was uber popular within whatever fandom it may appeal to. 

For me it was never really that. I mean, sure when I see something I have always wanted get released I'll get excited, but it's not just major releases I'm speaking of. It's those small little things! The little intricacies or design applications that make the Pop absolutely worth it. Without those little small things there wouldn't be anything special about it! 

What small thing am I referring to? Well it can take any form or shape but usually they're like little Easter Eggs or small accessories on a Pop that seal the deal for its uniqueness. It just wouldn't be complete without it there. 

A great example of this would be George Sanderson. I don't really collect the Disney line but man oh man did George Sanderson really make me jump the gun! 

george sanderson funko pop glam photo

I always like Monster's Inc as it is one of my favorite Pixar films. When I originally saw George Sanderson way back then I passed on him because he looked plain and simple. Truth be told, I didn't feel like I needed him. Then one day I stumbled across a video and saw that he had a sock on his back, JUST LIKE IN THE FILM. I was instantly sold. It was that small detail that made me go from not caring to needing to have it in my collection. 

George Sanderson funko pop sock on back

To this day, he is still with me and I don't think I could ever see myself giving it up! It's always those little things! 

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