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     For all of the OG collectors out there, it's hard to imagine that Funko would start from humble beginnings with a few lines of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and movie characters to the titanic amount of Pops they have out today. Personally, I remember seeing a couple of these Pops back at the 2011, 2012, and 2013 San Diego Comic-Cons. I thought they were unique but I ended up passing on them as I didn't start collecting until early 2014. Looking back now, I'm kicking myself for not getting into them earlier.


Hard to imagine passing on something like this no?

Hard to imagine passing on something like this, huh? :P

     The first Pop that I ever bought for myself was Squiddly Diddly from the Hanna Barbera line. I absolutely fell in love with that design. There's always that ONE Funko Pop that does it for you. You don't really care about Pops at all until you see that ONE that starts it all and then snowballs into a collection addiction. I was a fiend for classic cartoons. I loved them because my father loved them. He grew up with them and he exposed them to me at an early age. While I loved cartoons of my generation like Ed, Edd, n Eddy and Spongebob, nothing beat turning on Boomerang and watching the classic Hanna Barbera re-runs that would fill my childhood. 

     With that being said, Hanna Barbera is my absolute favorite Funko line. While there is bias involved, let me try and justify it. 

     The Hanna-Barbera line is unique. The Pops all have unique shapes, forms, and bodies. Almost nothing in the line is ever re-used (AHEM, Spider-Man, Batman, etc.) I also enjoy the exclusivity of the line as well. The con exclusives are rare and they look amazing and it makes it actually worth it to go out and get them. True, there are re-paints and what not, but they are few and not really that big of a deal as they either come with a flocked or glow in the dark variant. 

     Hanna-Barbera isn't popular although I do understand why. No one has much love for the classic cartoons anymore. They're dated, the animation is old, and the humor has lost its touch across the generations. However, I hope more people can get in with their nostalgia and really appreciate this line for its creativity, design, and quality. It is truly a wonderful set to collect and is primarily the only thing that I collect. Please make Wilma, Betty, and Tom & Jerry already!!!

The classic Wave 1!!!

My personal collection :) Ignore George Sanderson and Kermit hahaha.

     Another line that is one of my favorites are the Ad Icons. The Ad Icons are well crafted, unique, and of course well known or they wouldn't be icons! These Pops are always sought after for their rarity but the truth is, they're also so popular because they are great reflections of the classic characters we all grew up with. Who doesn't know Toucan Sam or Trix Rabbit? Who hasn't eaten at or at least seen a Bob's Big Boy or shopped at Target? 

     Ad Icons are malleable and can take many iterations. This is why I think they work so well as Pops. We are willing to see the ad in many forms. Sometimes we see them on boxes, we see their classic variants on those throwback cereal boxes, sometimes we see them on TV or as bobble heads or stickers. Now we see them in Pop form and they translate very well! I think this line in particular does a good job capturing the spirit of what these Ad Icons were all about asides from just selling product. 

OoooOOoooOoooooo spooky!~

     Lastly, we have the Overwatch line. The Overwatch Pops are absolutely incredible. I had my reservations about how they'd look and they ended up looking amazing! The detail and intricacy put into these Pops are wonderful. It was clear to me that Funko really stayed faithful to the game artwork and did a great job translating that into Pop form. 

     You got to really love that they provided all the accessories on these Pops such as the guns, gadgets, etc. They did not hold back on just creating the character in a simple pose. They actually showed the character and their equipment, something I honestly wasn't expecting. Also, how great is it that the variants of each Pop are the actual in-game skins?!? True, they could do more of the unique legendary ones but the re-colors of the Pops actually make sense in the context of the source material which is really cool! I honestly thought they would have done just heroic poses with the characters but everything was put in. It was a nice touch and really enhances the quality of these figures. 

If only I can get out of Gold. I swear I'm a Diamond tier player! XD

     Those are the three best lines Funko has made so far in my opinion. Of course, this is just my opinion so feel free to disagree! What are your favorite lines? What lines do you want to see in the future? 

See you next time! 


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